Lindsay Lohan: Just Kidding, I??m Not Preggers

Lindsay Lohan: Just Kidding, I??m Not Preggers

Its not the first (or last) time shes been misunderstood, and Lindsay Lohan finally cleared up the whole pregnancy fiasco she started on Twitter late Monday night (April 1).

Ms. Lohan deleted her original tweet, Its official. Pregnant, and replaced it with the message, April Fools. Wheres everyones sense of humor

Seeing an opportunity for self-promotion, blogger Perez Hilton added in his own two cents-Win!! RT @AmandaBynes Hey hos! I just want you all to know that @lindsaylohan is having my baby and @PerezHilton is gonna be the godfather!

He added, She be truth-telling tonight!!! RT @lindsaylohan Its official. Pregnant… and @PerezHilton has a very large penis!

Meanwhile, Papa Michael Lohan has posted an open message to her booking agent Mike Heller, threatening to go after him if anything bad befalls LiLo while in South America- I am telling you now if you are with Lindsay in Rio or you booked it, and anything happens to my daughter, I am holding you personally responsible. Judging from what has happened to in the past, and the way she looks down there from the pictures in the media, it”s not a good thing. If you have anything to do with her being there, its on you. Count on it.