Lindsay Lohan in Violation of Rehab?

Lindsay Lohan in Violation of Rehab?

One thing that is known for sure is that Lindsay Lohan is on her way to rehab, the question now is which center.

According to reports from TMZ on Wednesday (May 1), the Mean Girls actress was to go to Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, New York by Thursday. However, she was allegedly upset that the facility would not allow her to smoke.

Instead, she is thought to be headed to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, California, which is a move that would put her in violation of her rehab deal.

The switch has not been approved by the L.A. City Attorney or the Santa Monica City Attorney, who must OK any change in the agreement.

On Thursday, the 26-year-olds attorneys are to meet with prosecutors and the judge and wil be required to show proof that Lilo showed up at Seafield.

A violation of the agreement could spell a 90-day jail sentence for the often troubled actress.