Lindsay Lohan — I’m NOT Cutting Dad Out of My Life

Exclusive 0731-michael-lohan-lindsay-tmz-gettyThis is surprising … Lindsay Lohan does NOT consider her dad to be a toxic influence — in fact, she actually wants him to be a big part of her life while she focuses on rebuilding herself after rehab.

As we reported, Lindsay went on a friend-slashing massacre a few weeks ago while in treatment, putting together a list of the bad people she wanted to cut out of her life once she got out — and Michael was NOT on the list.

We”re told Lindsay actually wants to keep Michael around because she believes — despite his glaring flaws — that he”s actually a positive influence on her … and family is really important.

Even crazier … we”re told Michael was in the therapy session with Lindsay when she discussed the “bad” list. Her brother Michael Jr. was there too.

Which raises the question: if Michael didn”t make the “bad” list, who did