Lindsay Lohan — I’m BANNING Myself From That Stupid Hotel

Lindsay Lohan
will never step foot in The Standard Hotel again …  or at least for the foreseeable future.  She”s telling friends the hotel is a curse, causing her nothing but heartache  … and this week”s drink-throwing incident was the last straw.

You would think Lindsay might swear off clubbing period, but if you thought that you just don”t know LiLo.  She”s on the hunt for a new hip place to spend her free time.

We”re told Lindsay is fully aware she”s now a big fat target … knowing full well there are people who want either quick publicity, some easy money or both — but she vows not to become a shut-in out of fear.

As for Wednesday”s drink-throwing debacle — Lindsay admits she was at The Standard”s nightclub Smoke and Mirrors … but insists the other girl was the instigator.

We”re told Lindsay is confident everyone will eventually realize she did nothing wrong during the drink-throwing incident and the alleged shoving incident two weeks ago.