Lindsay Lohan — I Screwed Up My Taxes … 3 STRAIGHT YEARS!

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If blowing off taxes was hockey … Lindsay Lohan would”ve scored herself a hat trick … “cause the actress has just been hit with a tax bill for 2011 … the 3rd straight year she stiffed the government.

This time, it”s the State of California that”s trying to collect … claiming LiLo owes $56,717.90 for unpaid income tax for 2011.

In case you”re keeping score … the IRS was all over Lindsay”s ass for unpaid federal taxes for 2009 ($93,701.57) and 2010 ($140,203.30).

Lohan was able to clear her 2009 debt thanks to a $100k check from her old pal Charlie Sheen … but it seems like she”s on her own for 2010 and 2011.

We reached out to Lohan”s camp for comment — so far, no word back.