Lindsay Lohan — I Can’t Believe Rosie O’Donnell Betrayed Me

Lindsay Lohan
is in utter shock after Rosie O”Donnell bashed her on live television yesterday — telling friends, she”s always had a great relationship with Rosie … or so she thought.

Sources close to LiLo tell our sources, there was never any bad blood between the two actresses — in fact, Lindsay and Rosie were always on great terms … Lindsay would even say hello to Rosie whenever she saw her at various events. Rosie was always nice to her.

According to sources, Lindsay always had a special fondness for Rosie — because one of Lindsay”s first ever talk show appearances was on Rosie”s old show back in 1998 … when a 12-year-old Lindsay was promoting “The Parent Trap.”

But even though she”s surprised … Lindsay isn”t upset — because Rosie”s not the only person who doubts Lindsay”s comeback … starting with her upcoming Liz Taylor role.

As far as Lindsay”s concerned — Rosie”s just another hater she”s gotta prove wrong.