Lindsay Lohan Gets Praise from the Judge

Lindsay Lohan arrives at court Dec. 14
It looks like Lindsay Lohan will be starting the new year on a positive note.

The actress was praised by a judge Wednesday in a routine progress review after Lohan completed 12 days of janitorial duty at the L.A. morgue on schedule as well as five therapy sessions.

“You”re doing well,” Judge Stephanie Sautner told next month”s Playboy cover model, who appeared to court on time wearing a beige sweater and matching slacks. “I”d like to see it continue.”

Lohan, 25, who returned to L.A. after a Hawaiian getaway, must complete another 12 days of duty at the morgue and three therapy sessions by her next court date of Jan. 17.

“She has been the perfect guest,” L.A. Coroner Chief Craig Harvey told us. “She”s been very low-key and she seems to enjoy the program here.”

Lohan must complete a total of 53 days at the morgue and 18 therapy sessions by March or otherwise face a possible 270-day jail sentence for violating probation in her DUI and necklace-theft cases.