Lindsay Lohan: Floored in a Sao Paulo Nightclub

Lindsay Lohan: Floored in a Sao Paulo Nightclub

After refusing to take pictures with her adoring fans, Lindsay Lohan sought shelter under a table in a Sao Paulo, Brazil nightclub on Thursday night (March 28).

The troubled “Mean Girls” star held her head as she sprawled out on the dirty floor and chatted with a male friend after hiding from her excited minions.

According to recent reports, Miss Lohan scrounged up her fun-run attire by stealing clothes and jewels from the set of “Anger Management.”

Sources on the set of Charlie Sheen”s show tell TMZ that the 26-year-old took a bracelet, necklace, earrings, pants and shoes for a night on the town, and never returned them. Lindsay was recently at the FX studio for her publicized guest appearance.

Reports continue that she allegedly told the staff that the “Anger Management” producers would just dock her wardrobe from her take-home pay, but TMZ claims that was most definitely not part of her deal.

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