Lindsay Lohan — Don’t Believe Your Eyes … I Was NOT Wining

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Lindsay Lohan
wasn”t reaching for a wine bottle in the photo that surfaced Wednesday morning … it”s an optical illusion … that”s Lindsay”s story, anyway.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, Lindsay was actually reaching for her purse and cell phone on the same counter top, and the photo angle (above) was set up to make it look like she was grabbing the wine bottle instead.

Lindsay is adamant she has NOT fallen off the wagon — in fact, she”s telling friends she”s been faithfully attending multiple AA meetings per week, and has continued therapy since leaving rehab.

The photo was taken at a friend”s house … who clearly had wine while Lindsay was visiting. Sounds like a bad idea, but we”re told Lindsay has overcome her desire to drink, and has no problem hanging with boozers.

In fact, as we reported, LiLo thinks she”s doing so well … she”s ditched her sober coach, insisting she can handle sobriety on her own.

Where have we heard that before