Lindsay Lohan — Defends Hanging with Old Friends, But Really in Danger Zone

Exclusive 0821_lindsay-lohan-Vikram-Chatwa-article-splashLindsay Lohan is fiercely defending her decision to hang with a friend who has an even more checkered past with drugs than her, and actually thinks it”s a positive step for her recovery — problem is … she”s delusional.

Sources close to Lindsay tell our sources … she doesn”t understand why her shopping trip with Vikram Chatwal would raise concerns she”s hanging with a bad crowd, and putting herself in danger of a relapse.

As we previously reported … Chatwal was busted for drug possession in April, but avoided jail by agreeing to 12 months of in-patient rehab.

We”re told Lindsay thinks Vikram is good company because, like her, he”s been through several rehab stints … and is currently in recovery.

Here”s the flaw in that argument … multiple drug counselors — from reputable clinics — tell us Lindsay”s playing with fire by hanging with old friends connected to her partying ways.

Most counselors told us … it”s “not recommended” for recovering addicts to hang with another addict — especially if it”s been a short stretch since they got out of rehab.

Lindsay”s been out for 22 days, and while it”s unclear when Vikram was last in treatment …his drug bust was just 4 months ago. Not to mention, neither volunteered for rehab, but had to be forced by a judge.

As one counselor put it … “Why hang out with someone whose commitment to sobriety isn”t airtight.”