Lindsay Lohan: Clubbing in SoCal

Lindsay Lohan: Clubbing in SoCal

Shes never been one for common sense, and Friday night (March 22) Lindsay Lohan showed up at FLUXX nightclub in San Diego.

The Mean Girls actress chatted with Sean Kingston and looked to be having a marvelous time according to a few eyewitnesses.

And on Saturday night (March 23) LiLo continued her partying ways with a visit to the private members club 41 Ocean in Santa Monica, though she tried to shield her face from the shutterbugs upon her entry and exit.

Interestingly enough, Lohans back-to-back party nights came just after she was sentenced to 90 days of rehab by her probation judge.

In defense of her outings, Lindsay posted a message to her Facebook page- 1) It wasnt a nightclub 41 Ocean is a members only dining club and a private event 2) It WAS Pellegrino! and 3) the most important part the band City of the Sun did an (sic) amazing job last night!

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