Lindsay & Ali Lohan: Birthday Fun with Mama Dina!

Lindsay & Ali Lohan: Birthday Fun with Mama Dina!

Making the most of their mom Dina Lohan”s 50th birthday, Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan gathered at ABC Kitchen in New York City on Sunday night (September 15).

Joined by their brother Michael Lohan Jr, the showbiz sisters hammed it up for plenty of cell phone photos and mingled with fellow guests as their mother enjoyed a massive Happy Birthday cake.

And given both LiLo and Dinas past with booze, the shindig was said to be a dry affair, with cherry soda, Shirley Temples, and Diet Cokes as the libations of choice.

Last Thursday, Dina was pulled over and arrested for DUI and of course her ex-husband Michael Lohan shared his thoughts in a statement to the press.

Papa Lohan explained, In a way it can be a good thing. Maybe itll put Dina in a better place and go get help. Look at Lindsay. Look at me. When we went to treatment, it worked. She looks upset, I feel bad for her that hurts to see that.

When people keep doing the same thing over and over again, sooner or later it catches up to you. But you know what Sad as it is, it can work out for her benefit like it did for me, like it did for Lindsay. Sometimes you have to have that epiphany in your life; that arrest or that one experience that will make you turn it around.

Mr. Lohan added, I hope it works out for the best, shes the mother of my kids I hope they give her the option of going to treatment. If she is found guilty or pleads guilty, she loses a car – thats her means of transportation; its my son Codys means of transportation to get to school in the morning. I dont want Cody to be affected.