Linda Hogan — Okay, I Drove Drunk On Champagne

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Linda Hogan has changed her drunk-driving tune — pleading GUILTY to DUI after downing some bubbly and getting behind the wheel … and will spend 3 months in booze class thinking about her crime.

As our sources previously reported Linda was popped for DUI in Malibu back in 2012 and slapped with two misdemeanor charges … after cops say she was joyriding with a BAC of .084.

Linda originally plead not guilty — and argued she only had ONE glass of champagne (on an empty stomach) and took antibiotics which heightened the effects of booze.

She finally copped to driving with a .08 or higher — and in exchange the 2nd DUI charge was dropped. She was sentenced to 3 years probation and 3 months of alcohol education classes — which she”s already started.