Lily, Jamie & Kevin: ??Mortal Instruments? Mates in Miami

Lily, Jamie & Kevin: ??Mortal Instruments? Mates in Miami

Continuing their impressive promotional stint, Lily Collins, Kevin Zegers and Jamie Campbell Bower showed up in Miami, Florida to greet their fans yesterday (July 31).

The Mirror Mirror babe hung out with her Rocknrolla boyfriend and their Wrong Turn cohort at the Dolphin Mall for the press event, and everyone looked to be having a blast.

Lily recently shared that her role definitely required some physical elements she hadnt experienced before.

Doing stunts in a basic top thats a dress and 5-inch, leather thigh-high boots, thats not normal. Thats not easy. I didnt have any injuries, though. That was great.

Running around in heels, being able to do all that and not injuring myself is kind of a boost of confidence. Every girl needs that experience.