Lily Allen handcuff picture being investigated by Australian police

Lily Allen”s lighthearted “handcuffs” prank seems to have landed her in hot water. After stepping off a plane in Australia, the singer asked local police officers to stage a mock arrest.

She then posted the image of herself kneeling, hands behind her back, to million of followers. The picture taken at Gold Coast Airport in Queensland received 7,700 likes on Instagram.

Police officers obliged when Lily Allen asked them to play along with her joke

Unfortunately police chiefs weren”t quite as impressed and an investigation into the incident has been launched.

“At her request members involved placed open handcuffs for a photo opportunity,” a spokesman told the Daily Mail.

“It appears the members involved were caught in the moment and standard protocol were breached.

“It is subject to internal processes.”

The image has since disappeared from Lily”s social media.