Lil Wayne??s Seizures: What??s Causing Them?

Lil Wayne??s Seizures: What??s Causing Them?

His fans are concerned with his well-being as he recuperates from a series of seizures, and Lil Wayne”s health issues could have him sidelined for awhile.

According to an MTV report, the Mrs. Officer rappers recent problems could be the result of several different factors.

Dr. Michael Privitera told MTV News, “People can start having seizures from first day of birth until you”re 90. A seizure can occur due to a variety of problems in the brain. It is an electrical disturbance in which all the neurons start firing abnormally in a very synchronous way.”

“Some people have unrecognized structural abnormalities in their brain or a prior history of trauma that is enough to create an electrical disturbance. But I”d probably say that if you were [Wayne”s age] and you were coming into my office with your first seizure, in half of those people you won”t find a reason.”

Privitera added, “Drugs and alcohol are traditionally the precipitators of seizures,” hinting that perhaps the use of codeine syrup has contributed to the problem.

“Promethazine [one of the active ingredients in syrup] can trigger seizures in someone who is predisposed. It has a non-specific effect on the brain and there”s a complex interaction of chemicals in the brain that some of these drugs can interrupt.”