Lil Wayne’s Entourage — Accused of Spitting in Photog’s Face

0406_lil_wayne_skateboarding_launch_wmLil Wayne“s entourage spat in a photog”s face, pushed him to the ground in the rain, then beat the crap out of his bicycle — this according to a police report filed last week in Miami.

According to the report, obtained by our sources, the photog spotted Wayne and his entourage skateboarding outside some church — right beside a “no skateboarding” sign — so he decided to take a few pics.

The photog claims Wayne and his boys packed it in after it started to rain — so he followed the group to their car, snapping pics along the way.

According to the report, Weezy didn”t much like the attention (as you can see in the video) — so he ordered his goons to take the man”s camera … at which point roughly eight men surrounded him, and intimidated him into deleting several of his photos.

The photog claims it didn”t end there — insisting one of Wayne”s dudes spat on him, while another pushed him to the ground. The photog says the group also beat his bicycle with a skateboard.

The photog eventually broke free — and made a beeline straight for the Miami Beach Police Station, where he filed the report.

Calls to Wayne”s people were not returned.