Lil Wayne — Miami Beef Blows Up with Trick Daddy

Exclusive Photos 0411_lil_wayne_strip_club_launchLil Wayne“s night in a Miami strip club almost ended with blows — he and Trick Daddy came dangerously close to a Drake-Chris Brown type brawl … and our sources has photos inside the club.

Weezy was chillin” at King of Diamonds last night when, according to sources inside the club, he started to get a bad vibe from Trick Daddy”s posse.

We”re told Wayne decided to cut the night short, and while walking out with the homie Mack Maine … a few of TD”s boys stepped up and threw a lit cigarette in Wayne”s dreads.

Before Wayne could react … we”re told KOD security jumped in between the parties and cooled off the situation.

Also, our sources say at no point were Trick Daddy and Wayne ever face-to-face — and Trick Daddy was not with his boys when things got heated outside.

King of Diamonds tells our sources, “It”s sad they had to revisit a situation that was Internet  beef … while surrounded by naked girls.”

TD”s been jawing at Wayne over Twitter ever since he went on a major anti-Miami rant back in February.

We reached out to Weezy and Trick Daddy”s camps … nothing back yet.

KOD says both rappers are welcome back anytime.