Lil Scrappy, Cash Out — We’re Happy For Colorado, But What About Us?

EXCLUSIVE 1109-Lil-Scrappy-Warren-G-cash-out-getty
Lil Scrappy
, Cash Out, and Warren G are THRILLED their Colorado peeps are free to smoke weed … but still have one major concern — what about ALL THE OTHER STATES

The following is our sources”s in-depth analysis of Colorado”s Amendment 64, aka … here”s what rappers think about the new ganja law: 

Lil Scrappy: “It would be great if I was still blowing but I”m on chill mode for God. Liquor is legal and less harmful … so [weed] should be legal everywhere too.”

Cash Out: “It”s great! I wish they would legalize weed everywhere and there would be way more happy people in this country.”

Future: “Hey s**t, I don”t live in Colorado but when I get there for a show we can smoke.” He adds, “They need to bring [this law] to Atlanta.”

Flesh-N-Bone: “Great for those guys, wish it would be good for us in Cali.”

Bizzy Bone: “Weed legal is good anywhere.”

Warren G: “I think this is the first step to all states making it legal.”

This has been our sources”s in-depth election coverage.