Liam Payne Reveals One Direction's Hidden Secrets

Liam Payne Reveals One Direction's Hidden Secrets

Everyone”s favorite boy band One Direction has been in the international spotlight since their appearances on “X Factor” back in 2010. Now, in a speed round Q&A session with Jason Kennedy, Liam Payne revealed a few of group”s secrets!

He began by talking about the band”s most recent hiatus, saying, “I think we”ve just got a couple of months off, which is the longest vacation we”ve had in the history of One Direction…There”s a next record to be written so I guess we”re gonna try to do a little bit of that when we can, but most of the time just slob about and eat rubbish food, play Playstation.”

Then the game began, with the question, “Who”s the biggest flirt” Liam”s answer: “Harry Styles. Or actually maybe Niall Horan, sometimes. He”s a bit of a dark horse. You don”t expect it but then you see it and you”re like, “oh, OK.””

The second: “Who”s always late” The response: “Zayn. Zayn and Louis, lately, but Zayn has always never been a good timekeeper. But it”s one of those things when you go into something and you”re open that you”re late all the timeit”s expected. But when I”m late, it”s a big deal. I get told off for it and stuff.”

The third: “Who spends the most time on their hair:” “Um, to be fair, I think when we get to work, I”m the only one person who”s ever done his hair. So probably me, to be honest with you, cause the other lads just come in with their hair all over the place, whereas I leave the house looking sharp.”

Fourth: “Who”s the messiest:” Liam said, “Louis, 100 percent. If we”re on the tour bus, we usually have a back lounge, and the back lounge is just full of his clothes and shoes, just random stuff everywhere. He”s so messy, I can”t live like that. I have to know where everything is.”

And finally: “Who works out the most:” The 20-year-old responded with, “Probably me. Yeah, I spend a lot of time at the gym. Haven”t recently. I haven”t been in about two weeks, so it”s making me a bit sluggish. I need to get back in there.”