Liam Hemsworth on Jennifer Lawrence: "She's an Absolute Maniac in the Best Possible Way"

Liam Hemsworth on Jennifer Lawrence:

Continuing to promote his upcoming flick “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” Liam Hemsworth stopped by “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Tuesday (November 5).

Making his first public appearance since his split with “We Can”t Stop” hitmaker Miley Cyrus, the “Paranoia” star enjoyed a few laughs with the late night legend.

Although Cyrus wasn”t brought up, Liam did mention how his mother, Leonie Hemsworth, taught him not only English but also sex education in high school.

“It”s exactly what you think it”s like – really uncomfortable!” Mr. Hemsworth joked. “You”re talking about chlamydia and STIs and every other sexually transmitted diseases you can get.”

He continued, “It was interesting until she starts talking about her own personal experiences. That”s when I just headed out the door. “I”ll see ya later, mom! I”ll see ya at home!” No child should have be taught sex education by their mom!”

Also discussing his co-star Jennifer Lawrence, the 23-year-old actor stated, “She”s obviously one of the best actresses I”ve ever worked with. She”s incredible on set. She”s an absolute maniac in the best way possible. There”s no filter. She says whatever she wants anytime she wants.”

He then added, “When she”s that unfiltered, everyone else becomes that unfiltered. Like right before action – literally a second before action – she”ll turn to me and ask me if I have sex with kangaroos or anything like that. It”s those kind of questions nonstop all day long.”