Levi Johnston — We Didn’t Plan the Pregnancy … But We’re Excited

Levi Johnston tells our sources … his unborn baby was an unexpected surprise … but he”s very excited to raise the child the way HE wants to … unlike the child he has with Bristol Palin.

Levi just called in to “our sources Live” … and admitted he didn”t plan to knock up his new GF Sunny Oglesby … but says, “Things happen and we are both happy with what came of it.”

As for his son Tripp, Johnston says he hasn”t been allowed to see the kid in over a month … and blames the Palins for scheming to keep him out of his son”s life.

Levi says he will continue to “fight” to see his child … but notes, “Sunny and I are looking forward to raising the [new] baby together and maybe eventually getting married or something.”