Levar Burton — ‘Django Unchained’ Is NOTHING Like ‘Roots’

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Django Unchained” is NOT a movie that”s based in reality … and should NEVER be compared to real depictions of slavery like “Roots” … so says Levar Burton.

Levar — who played Kunta Kinte in the 1977 miniseries —  was in New York yesterday to participate in a PBS special about important TV programs … when we asked him about comparisons between “Roots” and “Django.”

“Here”s what I want folks to understand,” Burton said … “”Django” is a fantasy, it”s not history … “Roots” is history … and that”s the difference.”

Side note — Our photog couldn”t have been LESS articulate in delivering the question … and as a consequence, the entire newsroom banned together to shame and taunt him without mercy.