Leonardo DiCaprio Talks "Wolf of Wall Street" in New York Magazine's Fall 2013 Preview

Leonardo DiCaprio Talks

He”s gearing up for the premiere of his new flick “Wolf of Wall Street” and during promotions,Leonardo DiCaprio scored the cover spot of New York Magazine”s Fall Preview issue.

While rocking a few poses for the black-and-white spread, the “Titanic” hunk chatted about playing real-life writer Jordan Belfort and working alongside director Martin Scorsese.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. DiCaprio”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit New York Magazine!

On acting as Jordan:
“There was nothing Jordan wouldn”t divulge, no matter how intimate or embarrassing. That was the attraction for Marty as well – it”s kind of brutal honesty that got Marty into making movies like Mean Street.”

On filming with Martin:
“I told Marty, “I don”t think we”ll be able to do a movie like this too many times in the future. Larger-scale, R-rated dramas, like “Blood Diamond” or “The Departed,” don”t really get financed anymore.

On preparing the role:
“I wanted a close relationship with him [Jordan] so that I could weave intimate details into the movie, things that weren”t in the book. I was kind of the middleman between him and Marty, and I would bring pages of notes from my meetings with Jordan – things like this insane orgy on a 747 going to Vegas, chimpanzees in diapers that would skate through the Stratton offices, very intimate stuff about his relationships with women – and Marty was game to trying everything. His approach was essentially to put everything onscreen and see what we responded to. It was old-school, really independent film making on a large scale.”