Leonardo DiCaprio Grabs Grub in Manhattan

Leonardo DiCaprio Grabs Grub in Manhattan

Looking to satisfy his growling tummy, Leonardo DiCaprio paid a visit to La Squina restaurant in New York City on Wednesday (August 28).

The Catch Me If You Can hunk looked to be in great shape, showing off his newly-buff arms in a blue Popeye t-shirt.

Back in 1996, Leo played Romeo in Baz Luhrmanns Romeo + Juliet and British actor Douglas Booth is looking to DiCaprio as he takes his own turn playing the Shakespearean character opposite Hailee Steinfeld in a new telling of the classic tale.

Booth told press, He is someone who has made interesting choices. He doesnt make a million movies; he makes movies he wants to make with filmmakers he wants to work with. I respect him, and I respect the way he conducts himself.

Hes very low-key. There was a time when all people would talk about were his looks and that he was a heartthrob and this and that, but actually, by making clever choices and delivering great performances, working hard, being in amazing films, and keeping himself out of that world, he doesnt need it. I think thats the way to do it.