Lenny Kravitz in Ocean Drive October 2013: Jackson 5 Was My Inspiration

Lenny Kravitz in Ocean Drive October 2013: Jackson 5 Was My Inspiration

With his upcoming film “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” nearing its highly anticipated premiere, Lenny Kravitz scored the cover spot of Ocean Drive magazine”s October 2013 issue.

During his Q&A session with the publication, the 49-year-old singer/actor chatted about his acting career and learning a few things from his mother, Roxie Roker.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Kravitz”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Ocean Drive!

On his mother:
“She knew very early coming up that it was about who you are; it was about respect, integrity, love, and authenticity – and not at all about this Hollywood glamour. My mother moved to Los Angeles when she got “The Jeffersons” and took the bus to work for the first season. The bus. She”s like, “I”m a New Yorker, there”s no subway, so I”m taking the bus.””

On his love for acting:
“When I make my music, I write it, I produce it, I play the instruments – it”s my expression 100 percent. What I love about making films is that it”s completely not about me ; it”s about a director”s vision, it”s about the character, and I”m there to serve. the music was a reaction of doing that all day. Something was brewing inside of me, so it had to come out. At night it would just be, Okay, now I am back to being me, and directing myself – and doing what it is that I do.”

On his father taking him to see The Jackson 5:
“Everything changed the next day. That”s when I realized what I wanted to do in my life. They wore these really funky outfits – they had the Afros, boots that came up to the knees paired with knickers, and colorful shirts and vests. it was the most incredible thing I had ever seen.”