Lena Dunham: Target of Bizarre Craigslist Missed Connection

Lena Dunham: Target of Bizarre Craigslist Missed Connection

Her hit HBO series has fans everywhere, but one particular admirer chose to express his adoration in a bizarre way, with an explicit Craigslist Missed Connections post.

Entitled Lena Dunham”si D**k,” the long post explores the writer”s alleged personal history with the 27-year-old star and his growing obsession with her.

Though some speculate that the author was the “Girls” creator”s ex-boyfriend from Oberlin, it”s creative enough and written in such a way as to likely just be fan fiction.

In the post, the author writes about going on a date which he describes as follows: “Do you watch “Girls” “”I haven”t seen it,” I said taking a sip of melted ice, although most people seem to love it.”” “Then I”m not most people “cause I don”t get it. I mean, the show”s okay. I still watch it. But the way people go on and on about it. . . It”s like Lena Dunham grew a d**k and the whole world lined up to suck it, you know” Eventually, that is the image which gives the anonymous author his catharsis.

Later, the author added a prologue to the post, writing, “I”m a huge fan of Lena Dunham and GIRLS. The story was written from the perspective of a pathetic jerk (who gets his comeuppance in the end) and was meant to convey the perils of jealousy and resentment–while having the same frankness and candor as her show. I did not anticipate this level of exposure. I did hope, however, that people would understand what the story was intended to be about rather than make snap judgments based on the title and excerpts. I think the world of Lena and wish there were more writers like her.”