Lena Dunham Reveals Past Mental Struggles in Rolling Stone's Latest Issue

Lena Dunham Reveals Past Mental Struggles in Rolling Stone's Latest Issue

Fresh off revealing her newest project All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go, Lena Dunham garnered herself some added exposure by covering the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

The “Girls” starlet showed off her lovable edge for the Peggy Sirota-shot front page while opening up to the mag about a slew of topics, including overcoming a mental illness.

Check out highlights from Miss Dunham”s interview below. For more be sure to pay a visit to Rolling Stone.

On relating to the audience of her hit HBO series:
“It”s funny to me that i”m writing a show considered to be the voice of twenty-something people. Because I don”t feel that connected to it all the time.”

On her OCD and hypochondriac phase:
“AIDS, jaundice, you name it, I had it. I”d count eight times… I”d look on both sides of me eight times, I”d make sure nobody was following me down the street, I touched different parts of my bed before I went to sleep, I”d imagine a murder, and I”d imagine the same murder eight times.”

On battling her negative symptoms from various meds:
“I was exhausted all the time, nights sweats. I was pretty fat in high school if I look at it, because it just slows down your metabolism. My mom would always be like, “I think you”re having a lot of side effects,” and I”d be like, “You”re such a b****; you just want me to be skinny!” and my mom was like, “No, you”re just sleeping all the time and sweaty.””

Her internet words of wisdom:
“Don”t ever Google a drug. Because it”s all psychos being like, “This blinded me, it killed my husband.” Once I flushed all my [medication] down the toilet, because I was so scared by what I read. But if I feel I”m in the Tower of Terror, a little piece will just let me breathe.”