Lena Dunham Honored by "SNL's" Rendition of "Girls"

Lena Dunham Honored by

Showing off her philanthropic side, Lena Dunham showed up at the 4th Annual LA Loves Alexs Lemonade event in Culver City, California on Saturday (September 28).

The Gabi on the Roof in July actress hammed it up with Mae Whitman, Caroline Styne, and Suzanne Goin at Culver Studios to benefit the Alexs Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Later that evening, Miss Dunham retreated to her pad to watch the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, including a spoof on her hit show Girls.

Lena tweeted, The SNL parody of Girls was a true honor. Very excited about the current lineup of SNL ladies. They are funny like whoa.