Leif Garrett to Justin Bieber: "Do Not Believe Your Own Publicity"

Leif Garrett to Justin Bieber:

He was a teen idol of his day, and now, Leif Garrett has some advice for Justin Bieber about dealing with his superstar status.

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday (August 20), Mr. Garrett, who was one of the 1970s biggest heartthrobs offered the Biebs the following tip, Do not believe your own publicity. Sussing out who your real friends are is full-time work. Every scum bag, every drug dealer, every chicken hawk wants a piece of you.

Speaking of the pitfalls of teen stardom, the When I Think of You crooner explained, When youve got that sort of power at that young age, and everything at your doorstep, you put out that bad boy image.

Leif continued, At that age, testosterone, hormones, all of the money, you see what else you can get away with. Justin is also doing a lot of charity work.