LeAnn Rimes Stops By SiriusXM Studios

LeAnn Rimes Stops By SiriusXM Studios

Continuing her non-stop media onslaught, LeAnn Rimes showed up at SiriusXM Studios in New York City this afternoon (June 11).

The What Have I Done songstress, clad in a black v-neck and shiny green trousers, looked to be in good spirits as she hurried inside to talk about her brand new album Spitfire.

And despite her tendency to ignore the pain in her life, LeAnn decided to let her drama inspire much of the music on the record.

Rimes explained, I have to relive it, obviously, singing it. I”ve moved past a lot of it, so I can almost separate myself from it a little bit these days. I think it was cathartic to be able get that out, and I feel like everyone has kinda written a life for me — what they think it should be or what”s going to sell a magazine that week, no matter if it”s truth or not, for four and a-half years.

This is the truth. People have projected what they think I feel or what they think I should do or shouldn”t have done, what my intentions are. They”ve projected all of that on to me for a long time. These are my feelings. And I”ve been very quiet about it, and it came out through my music.