LeAnn Rimes Jumps on ??The New F Word? Campaign

LeAnn Rimes Jumps on ??The New F Word? Campaign

Shes always been vocal about her distaste for bullying, and LeAnn Rimes is featured in a new Friend Movement campaign called The New F Word.

Along with celebrities like Rumer Willis and Darren Criss, the Cant Fight the Moonlight singer threw her support behind the effort, created to help show positive anti-bullying images through art in media.

Friend Movement VP Marco Gonzalez told press that LeAnn was a class act to work with- “LeAnn”s a great friend of mine and I”ve seen over the years how she”s been bullied in the press, so I asked her right away to be a part of Friend Movement”s anti-bullying campaign.”

“On the day of her shoot, she was just getting over being sick and barely had a voice, but was booked to do Jimmy Kimmel. Like a true sport, she came over to our set straight from Kimmel, and rocked it out. She had a hard time keeping her middle finger up so our photographer Ryan Forbes had to tape her other fingers down with black tape.”

“We had a good laugh about it. Even without much of a voice, LeAnn smiled her way through the shoot. Her photo is definitely one of our most powerful images! I think her photo and the message behind it will resonate with many around the world who have been bullied.”