LeAnn Rimes: I'm Done with Brandi Glanville Drama

LeAnn Rimes: I'm Done with Brandi Glanville Drama

She”s been in a constant feud with her husband Eddie Cibrian”s ex-wife Brandi Glanville for the past few years, and now LeAnn Rimes reveals she doesn”t pay any attention to the drama.

While speaking to US Weekly about her new album Spitfire, the two-time Grammy winner explains how she learned to ignore the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star and her Twitter comments.

“The thing is, Eddie and I are very proud of the home and family that we have. We don”t like, and we don”t want to be part of it,” LeAnn proclaims. “We can”t control the people around us, but we can control [how] we handle drama, and we”ve made a very peaceful life for ourselves and I”m very happy with that. There”s a lot of drama on the outside and we”ve finally learned how to not let it in.”

“I definitely have to bite my tongue a lot of the time. There”s a fine line because I don”t want to be run over and I do stand up for myself. But I don”t want to feed into the drama. I did say, “I do music, not drama.” I don”t need drama to have a career. And so I plan on, as much as possible, to not feed into it. Like I said, there will be moments I don”t hold back from standing up for myself.”

Brandi often vents about “bonus mom” LeAnn about how she handles her sons Jake and Mason, which results in bashing via Twitter.

“It”s really hard to communicate when you”re afraid that someone is going to take something, twist it and use it in the press,” Miss Rimes says. “There”s a reason why I don”t -we don”t- speak right now. And I hope that things like someone tweeting about not being able to get a hold of their kids will subside at some point and not be used as drama.”

After her declaration of no drama, the country singer finally decided to end the discussion about Miss Glanville. “It”s time for the conversation to change. I do music. I don”t blow up drama for the sake of a career.”