LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Talk Family Expansion

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Talk Family Expansion

Theyre one of the most-watched couples in Hollywood, and LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are excited about whats next for their family.

During their interview with Extra, the celeb duo shared that theyre interested in having a child when the time is right.

LeAnn declared, “We work on it often, and Cibrian added, But nothing”s popped out!” Rimes replied, “I know, sorry. I think about it often. We talk about it.”

She continued, “Right now, I”m actually ending a record deal that I”ve been in since I was 11, so 20 years at the same label. That ends next month, so, yeah, it”s exciting. I”m trying to lay out the land and figure it all out for the next 10, 20 years of my life.”

Eddie asked, “What are you saying, you want to commemorate that with a baby Is that what you”re saying”

The How Do I Live singer answered, “No! I don”t want to have one until I have that figured out. One step at a time. It”s like starting my life all over again. That”s kind of, like, my original baby.”

Cibrian also mentioned, “She wants a little girl, badly.”

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