LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet Tangle on Twitter

LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet Tangle on Twitter

She”s had her fair share of dramatic Twitter feuds over the years, and LeAnn Rimes” latest social media target is none other than her ex-husband, Dean Sheremet.

On Sunday (November 24), another user of the social media site posted an old photo of the country star with the caption, “Remember the good old days when @leannrimes was just a chubby country bumpkin married to a gay dude”

While attempting to ignore the comment, Miss Rimes tweeted, “hahahaha I”m gonna choose to laugh at this.”

Unfortunately Mr. Sheremet wasn”t too happy with the comment his former wife made and shot back, “Laugh away-Who”s the bully now”

Dean continued, “I don”t do twitter wars, but I do hate ignorance. being gay isn”t offensive, not standing up for the truth is. @NOH8Campaign @leannrimes.”

Before the online argument could continue, LeAnn insisted she was never insulting her ex and stated, “Dear lord. I was laughing at myself.”

She then clarified that the professional chef is “not gay and there”s nothing wrong [with] it. I have always & will always support the [gay] community.”