Lauren Silverman — I Will Never Leave My Son for Simon Cowell

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Lauren Silverman
is pissed because she believes that her estranged hubby”s friends are talking crap on her to our sources, and what they are saying is a pack of lies, this according to close friends of Lauren.

Simon Cowell“s baby mama is livid over our story that she has a hard choice to make — move to Beverly Hills and live with Simon or stay in NY and live with her son. Her friends say she would never move away from New York.

Before Lauren totally flies off the handle she should note that our story says she”s in the final stages of signing a lease for a NY apartment and is “setting up shop” in the Big Apple.

If Lauren”s friends are telling the truth, it”s an interesting twist because that would mean Simon would be living 2475 air miles away from his child.

Short Story: Lauren”s got 2 baby daddies on separate coasts, so something”s got to give.