Lauren Conrad Covers REDBOOK April 2013

Lauren Conrad Covers REDBOOK April 2013

Shes no stranger to magazine covers, and Lauren Conrad is featured on the front of the April 2013 issue of REDBOOK.

The Hills hottie looks gorgeous in her photo spread, helmed by Melanie Acevedo, and shares some valuable tidbits regarding her fashion prowess.

When it comes to building a wardrobe, Conrad explains, Whenever someone comes up to me and says, Im having trouble shopping. I tell them to pull out their 10 favorite, most-worn pieces, then build a wardrobe around them. You need to figure out what you gravitate toward, what makes you feel goodand those staples are going to be different for everybody.

As for her own inspiration when designing her line, Lauren noted, At first, I was just designing for myself. Then I started getting comments from women who didnt have my body type, saying things like, I have a larger chest and cant wear this tent-shaped dress. So Ive learned to make pieces that dont necessarily flatter me but look great on someone else.

Lauren also wants to make sure she distinguishes herself from the celebrity fashion designer crowd- I spent years in school for this. It wasnt just, I like clothes! Im going to make some!

And she suggests that wannabe fashionistas dont forget to have fun. When youre growing up, you play dress-up its a game, its a pastime. And then as you get older, getting ready and looking nice becomes this constant stress. I want to make it fun again.