??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? Honors ??Breaking Bad? with *NSync Dub Video!

??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? Honors ??Breaking Bad? with *NSync Dub Video!

He always has an interesting take on pop culture phenomena, and Jimmy Fallon bid farewell to Breaking Bad in a truly unique way last Friday (September 27).

The Late Night host explained, Of course, after five seasons on the air, this Sunday is the big finale of Breaking Bad.Companies in Albuquerque, which is where Breaking Bad takes place, theyre getting ready for a drop in business because fewer tourists will be visiting.

Fans of the show said they love all the grittiness, shady characters and crime, and Detroit was like, Welcome! Wed love to have you! Come on over! Youll love us!

Thats right, Albuquerques economy is going to take a hit because Breaking Bad is coming to an end. Thats bad news. If only there was some way for them to make some quick cash

So its going to be so sad to see such a great show end, so we thought we would say bye the only way we know how- by editing footage from Breaking Bad to the tune of *NSyncs song Bye Bye Bye.

Check the video below!