Lane Garrison Tells Cop The Video Is Deceiving — He Never Hit Ashley Mattingly


Lane Garrison — who is sitting in jail after being arrested Sunday for felony domestic violence — told Beverly Hills detectives Monday he never struck his ex-girlfriend, and he says the surveillance video proves it.

Lane and his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Mattingly, got into a verbal argument that turned physical Saturday night and the surveillance video, obtained by our sources, shows Lane with what looks like an outstretched, closed fist make contact with Ashley”s face. 

But Lane told detectives …. what really happened was that Ashley had grabbed his cell phone and the video actually shows him reaching to grab his phone back — NOT striking her.


Lane says he ended up getting Ashley”s cell phone, and that”s when she threw his phone against the wall and smashed it.  He says when he walked out, he childishly threw her cell phone in retaliation.

When you look at the surveillance video closely, Lane”s scenario is plausible.

Our sources also say Lane told detectives there are text messages from Ashley that are incriminating and that”s why they were fighting over the cell phone — she didn”t want him disclosing any of the info she sent to him.