Lane Garrison — Teaching Prisoners a Lesson

Lane Garrison
is putting on a real show in jail — our sources has learned, the former “Prison Break” star is teaching acting classes … to his fellow prisoners.

Sources tell our sources, the L.A. County Sheriff has Lane mentoring about 20 prisoners as part of the “Merit” program — designed to teach marketable real-world skills to inmates.

In addition to acting, we”re told Lane is also giving a crash course in screenwriting as part of the program.

And get this — Lane”s so moved by the experience, we”re told he”s promised the Sheriff to continue to mentor the prisoners even after he”s been released … whenever that is.

Lane”s currently in custody after a domestic violence arrest last month. He”s stuck in L.A. County Jail on a parole hold, stemming from his 2007 vehicular manslaughter conviction.

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