Lane Garrison — No Domestic Violence Charges Filed … at Least for Now

Lane Garrison
“s lawyer says his client will not be charged with felony domestic violence for allegedly brutalizing his former girlfriend Saturday night … at least not immediately.

Harland Braun tells our sources, he spoke with the D.A. this morning and was told prosecutors don”t have sufficient information right now to file a case, but that could change as the investigation continues.

A D.A. official tells us the case is under review and it still could be filed … and that could happen as early as today.

Braun also tells our sources … he is getting in touch with the parole board — Lane is on parole for a 2007 manslaughter conviction — to see if the board will take action against the actor.  Lane is currently being held on a parole hold in Beverly Hills jail.

Lane”s former GF, Ashley Mattingly, claims he brutalized her Saturday night and says the surveillance video — obtained by our sources — proves it.  Braun says the video does NOT show Lane striking Ashley … he was merely reaching for the cell phone she grabbed from him.

Braun says he believes his client was convincing when he spoke with Bev Hills detectives, and that”s why no immediate charges have been filed.