Lamar Odom’s ‘Roommate’ — He’s DEFINITELY Used Scrubbing Pads for Crack

Exclusive 0910-lamar-odom-akm
Lamar Odom had no intention of cleaning pots and pans when he bought Chore Boy this week … it was one of the tools of his crack trade … so claims his summer roommate. 

Polina Polonsky hooked up with Lamar in June and July after meeting him at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  He moved into her apartment for 6 weeks and during that time Polina says he was doing crack.
Polina tells us, Chore Boy was always laying around the apartment when Lamar was there … and she claims she”s seen him use the pads multiple times to fashion homemade crack pipes. In fact, she says her apartment was regularly littered with copper pad scraps and old boxes while Lamar lived there.

Bottom line … all signs point to Lamar”s crack problem still going strong, with no let up in sight.