Lamar Odom??s Drug Problems: Leaked By Kardashians?!

Lamar Odom??s Drug Problems: Leaked By Kardashians?!

Its no secret that hes going through a tough time as of late, and Lamar Odom has been the target of all kinds of crazy rumors.

According to, the NBA stud suspects that his wife Khloe Kardashian”s kinfolk are responsible for the deluge of damaging stories regarding his alleged drug use, though he doesnt blame Khloe herself.

A source told Radar, Lamar absolutely believes Khloes family has been leaking stories to the tabloid press about his drug use, and his trip to rehab last year. Khloe has been very private about Lamars drug addiction, as she had done for the past year.

The last thing Lamar needs is for his battle to get sober made public. Khloe is also extremely angry that details about Lamars past trip to rehab and recent failed intervention were published on various gossip websites.

As a result, he will be obviously be subjected to increased drug testing by the NBA which has a very tough policy on using illegal substances and steroids. Lamar is a free agent, and of course, that could hurt his chances of being signed by an NBA team. Basketball is Lamars life, and its been hard for him to go from being a starter, to the sixth man sitting on the bench.

Meanwhile, Mr. Odom will likely release a statement in the coming days to set the record straight regarding the erroneous notion that hes hooked on crack cocaine. Instead, Lamar has been struggling with addiction to Oxycontin and Ambien.

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