Lamar Odom to Power Balance — YOU’RE DEBT TO ME!

0808_shaq_lamar_odom_power_balance_Article_tmz_2Lamar Odom and Shaquille O”Neal are back on Kobe Bryant“s team … in the celebrity attack on the Power Balance bracelet empire … our sources has learned. 
our sources has obtained court papers, which show Odom claims the company stiffed him out of $133,870  before it filed for bankruptcy back in November.

Lamar was a minority investor in the company … and swore by the non-scientifically proven magical powers the hologram-embedded bracelet is said to possess.

As for Shaq — a former Power Balance spokesperson — court docs show the big man is demanding $308,170.

The two join a long list of athletes who claim PB needs to open up its checkbook  … including Kobe ($400,000), Blake Griffin ($20,000) and skateboarder Ryan Sheckler ($25,000).

our sources broke the story … PB was ordered to shell out $57 million in a class action lawsuit after a bunch of former PB wearers called BS on the company”s claim that the bracelet could enhance balance, flexibility and strength.