Lamar Odom — Surfaces Near Home, Looking Thin

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Lamar Odom
is wearing the stress of his marriage — and possibly his NBA career — falling apart as he battles addiction to hardcore drugs … and our sources has the first photos of him in several days.

Lamar”s face looked gaunt when he was spotted Monday afternoon driving his SUV around the San Fernando Valley … not far from his home with Khloe Kardashian.

As our sources first reported …Khloe kicked Odom out of the house last Wednesday when he rejected her attempt to stage an intervention — hoping to convince him to get treatment for addiction to crack cocaine. 

Instead, Lamar”s been laying low ever since — but as we already told you … Khloe”s not giving up, and met with LO within the the last 48 hours.

Lamar resurfacing could be a good sign. His appearance isn”t.