Lamar Odom — DRUNK At Beacher’s Madhouse

Exclusive 1101-lamar-beachers-02
Lamar Odom was drunk — very drunk — at Beacher”s Madhouse in Hollywood Wednesday night … eyewitnesses tell our sources — and it”s a dramatic, depressing turn in his life.

People who were present tell us … Lamar showed up with several guys.  In short order Lamar was hanging at the bar doing shots of Patron.  For the next 3 hours, Lamar could not be seen without a glass of champagne. 

Our sources say he was “hammered.”  One witness — who knows the difference — says Lamar didn”t seem like he was on drugs.  It appeared to be alcohol-fueled.

Lamar stayed until closing at 2 AM.  By 2:30 AM he was in the valet area talking about where to go for the “after party.”

Lamar claims he”s been clean for the last few weeks.  Khloe Kardashian even invited him to a Kanye West concert earlier in the week as a show of support, although we”re told she”s already decided to divorce him.