Lamar Odom — Arrest Warrant Looms

Exclusive 0925_lamar_odom_robert-shapiro_tmz
Lamar Odom
could be a wanted man Friday … our sources has learned.

our sources broke the story … Lamar was arrested last month for DUI.  His arraignment is set for Friday.  He”s not required to show up in court to enter a plea — his lawyer can do the trick.

Here”s the problem.  If no one shows up, the judge will issue a bench warrant for Lamar”s arrest.  And based on what we know, if cops find Lamar … they will also find plenty of illegal drugs.

As we reported … Kris Jenner contacted famed lawyer Robert Shapiro to represent Lamar, but that was before Lamar went MIA on the Kardashian family. 

our sources reported several weeks ago … Shapiro would ONLY take the case if Lamar would seek treatment for his addiction.  We are positive … Lamar is not only refusing treatment, he”s deeper into drugs than ever before.

It”s unclear if Shapiro will change his tune and represent Lamar.  It”s also unclear if Lamar has even formally hired Shapiro.

There is one way Shapiro can help Lamar dodge an arrest warrant — by going to court Friday, and asking the judge to put off the arraignment for a few weeks while Lamar nails down who will rep him.

Stay tuned.