Lakers Star Steve Nash — Judge Rules Girlfriend Can Fly with Kids

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L.A. Lakers star Steve Nash just won a victory in his custody war with his ex, but it”s small potatoes compared to what”s ultimately at stake.

A judge in the case just ruled … Steve”s live-in girlfriend, Brittany Richardson, is allowed to accompany the 3 kids without Steve from L.A. to Arizona and back.  Steve”s ex, Alejandra Nash, had objected to Brittany taking charge of the kids on grounds she wasn”t a family member.

The judge ruled … Brittany was as much a family member as the nanny, who is allowed to care for the children.

There”s a bigger issue on the line.  Both Steve and Alejandra are waiting for the judge to rule on whether she can move from Phoenix to L.A.  Steve has objected … he says because L.A. is a lousy place to raise kids.  Alejandra scoffs at Steve”s objection, saying it”s a smoke screen and the real reason he doesn”t want her to move is because a California judge would nail him with child support.

The judge is expected to rule any day.