Lakers Star Jordan Hill — Forced to Attend Murder Case … For Reality TV!

exclusive 0724_jordan_hill_court_wm
L.A. Lakers stud Jordan Hill showed up to a Texas courthouse today to face a judge in his assault case … instead, he got a front row seat to a TV reality show about a murder trial.

Here”s the deal … 24-year-old Hill appeared at Harris County Criminal Justice Center to be arraigned for allegedly attacking his girlfriend back in February. 

The hearing happened to be taking place in the same courtroom where A&E producers were taping an episode of “The First 48” … a reality show about on-going homicide investigations.

In fact, there was a sign posted outside of the courtroom warning people that they were entering a “filming area.”

Since Hill”s case was set to go AFTER the murder trial proceedings, the NBA star had to sit and wait until that case wrapped up.

Turns out, the taping was the most interesting part of Hill”s day — the judge pushed his arraignment to August. 9th.