Lake Bell Goes Nude for New York Magazine

Lake Bell Goes Nude for New York Magazine

She married tattoo artist Scott Campbell earlier this summer, and now Lake Bell is showing her love for body art on the cover of New York Magazine”s latest issue

While revealing her stunning, but temporary, tattoo for the Mark Seliger-shot spread, the 34-year-old actress chatted about the events that happened after the photo shoot and her upcoming film “In a World.”

Check out a few highlights from Miss Bell”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit New York Magazine!

On her temporary ink:
“[I was at a wedding in the Hamptons after the photo shoot and] I had a spaghetti-strap maxi-dress on and I came in with this massive flower on my chest, and nobody said a word. Everyone was apparently abuzz behind my back. “I can”t believe she did it.” “Did you see it” “How couldn”t I see it, are you kidding” “Well, you know, she married that tattoo artist.””

On “In a World”:
“This is a 93-minute audition to the voice-over world, hoping they will hear me.”

On Scott”s tattoos:
“I think the idea is that he carries the tattoos for the family. In a way, I think I am more novel in my absence of tattoos.”